CORAPAN® GRP 85 is our sandwich panel with the robust surface. It is mostly used vehicle construction and shipbuilding.




General Description:

CORAPAN® GRP 85 is a sandwich panel from our CORAPAN® product family with our own core, the CORACEL®. For CORAPAN® GRP 85 GRP is used as skin layers. The core is lightweight which makes it an excellent choice in vehicle construction.

CORAPAN® GRP 85 offers following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • Lightweight and strong:
    CORAPAN GRP 85 is a lightweight panel with excellent stability at low weight.
  • Robust surface:
    GRP is robust and therefore provides good protection against scratches and dents in the surface.
  • Customer specific inlays:
    Because of our production process, inlays can efficiently be embedded into our sandwich panels. Inlays are used as reinforcement, fixation structure, etc. With inlays a simple panel is turned into a customized functional device.
  • Big and variable formats:
    Formats of up to 5980x2180mm and thicknesses between 6 and 100mm are available.
  • No water absorption:
    The core consists of a closed cellular structure which does not absorb any water.

We produce formats, cutting, edge finish and inlays according to your requirements. Please inform yourself on our dedicated inlay and edge finish page about your options.

Under this link you can find further details about our CORAPAN® product family and our core, the CORACEL®.

Technical Data:


Common Applications:

  • Expedition Vehicles
  • Ship Bodies
  • Interior Construction
  • Doors, Roofs, Walls
  • Flooring
  • Box Bodies