CORAPAN® PORTE is our door panel which also works at big temperature differences without warpage thanks to our patented shear compensation system.

General Description:

CORAPAN® PORTE is our sandwich panel which is used for doors and gates in the construction and industry sector. The core is specially designed for this application. CORAPAN® PORTE does not warp due to the embedded foam. The skin layers are made from aluminium.

Construction of CORAPAN® PORTE:

CORAPAN Construction

CORAPAN® PORTE offers following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • No warpage:
    When there are differences between room and ambient temperature the aluminium skin layers are expanding at different rates. This usually leads to warpage of door panels with metallic skin layers and insulating core. However not with CORAPAN® PORTE. The foam which is embedded in the core serves as a flexible baring between the two aluminium skin layers, preventing warpage.
  • Light and strong:
    CORAPAN® PORTE is light but yet very strong due to its sandwich construction.
  • Customer specific inlays:
    Because of our production process, inlays can efficiently be embedded into our sandwich panels. Inlays are used as reinforcement, fixation structure, etc. With inlays a simple panel is turned into a customized functional device.
  • Proven and durable:
    CORAPAN® PORTE does not absorb water due to its closed cellular core and does not weather. It has a long track record in rough environments.

We produce formats, cutting, edge finish and inlays according to your requirements. Please inform yourself on our dedicated inlayedge finish and skin layer page about your options.

Under this link you can find further details about our CORAPAN® product family and our core, the CORACEL®.

Technical Data: