CORATHERM® is our low temperature heating and cooling system which creates a pleasant room climate due to its draught-free and responsive temperature regulation.

General Description: 

Operating principle:
CORATHERM® is either used as ceiling or wall panel. Similar to the working principle of the sun, it emits heat radiation when heating or it absorbs ambient heat when cooling. The capillary tubes which are embedded in the panel therefore carry either warm or cold water.



CORATHERM® is based on our sandwich panel CORAPAN® AL 150 with our own core material. Tempered water flows through a system of capillary tubes which is embedded in the sandwich panel on the lower skin layer. The aluminium skin layers are perfectly suitable for the quick energy exchange and give the system a high inherent stability. Through two connectors in the panel the water is fed to and drained from the panel.



CORATHERM® offers following advantages compared to alternative solutions:

  • Pleasant room climate:
    Based on the operating principle the room temperature can be regulated quickly and draught-free. The draught free operating principle is a big advantage compared to conventional air conditioners.
  • High form stability at low weight:
    The excellent form stability at a low weight is a result from the sandwich construction with our own core.
  • Unrivaled surface quality:
    The surface quality is unmatched with respect to flatness and flawlessness. This quality results from our discontinuous production process where our core and our skin layers are compressed and cured in a press under temperature.
  • Durable:
    Core and skin layers don’t weather and are therefore durable in every climate zone.


Performance data:
Following table lists performance data for horizontally installed panels.

The following graph shows the specific cooling capacity in function of the temperature difference according to EN 14240:

here are several options on how to install CORATHERM®. Following some examples are listed: